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You see, trading can be a daunting world to navigate. 

There are a lot of gurus who claim they can help you become a better trader but what I’ve found is a number of individuals using deception to mislead vulnerable people. 

I know when I first started out, I made a lot of mistakes, lost a lot of money, and didn’t know who I could trust to help me become a consistently profitable trader.

Lucky for me, I found a mentor who was more interested in charts and results than with lamborghinis and looking good on social media. 

I admired the fact that he continued to hold such strong family values through his 18 years of trading and actually cared about the system he developed to help traders, just like me, to always protect their assets and find great returns on a consistent basis.
Hey there, my name is Kenyon Salo and I feel so fortunate to have learned how to trade profitably from such a phenomenal mentor and even better man.

I can honestly say, mentorship has changed my life!
Thanks to him and many other mentors,

I trade successfully in my spare time, speak on stages across the US, skydive into sold out stadiums, travel the world, and best of all,

I have the freedom to give my two wonderful kids the best life I possibly can.

Now that I've achieved all of this...
I'm on a mission to lift the dark could that looms over the world of trading education and help you create additional income to build your dream lifestyle, just as my mentors helped me.
I'm on this mission simply because, I understand what you and many others are struggling with.
My life wasn't always full of international travels and the freedom to choose my own adventures
I’ve been broke, slept on benches, experienced success only to lose everything, let my health slip, been divorced – you name it; I’ve been there.

But I made the simple decision that I would turn things around and never give up until I had figured it out. Of course… it’s never as easy as one decision, but that first one was incredibly difficult.

Fast forward several hundred mistakes and now I’m earning 6 figures residually from a health and fitness company I promote, I’m getting paid 5 figures to speak on stage about my experiences and inspire others, I’m skydiving into stadiums filled with roaring fans, and within the last 18 months, I’m trading profitably in my spare time.
I'm not saying any of this to brag, I'm simply sharing this with you to make two points that will help you on your journey

I wasn’t anyone special when I was broke and I’m not anyone special now. 

I’m just a guy who made a decision to turn his life around and give 100% to any skill I wanted to learn, whether it was network marketing, speaking, skydiving, or trading.


I made sure I found high-quality mentors for each of these areas in my life who cared about my success. 

My only wish is that I had found them faster so I could have avoided tons of costly mistakes along the way.
I want you to realize that you’re perfectly capable of succeeding at trading or anything else you commit yourself to. 
That being said, 

I can promise you from experience that you’ll succeed MUCH faster and go WAY further if you work with the right mentor along the way.
If you're still with me and like what you've heard so far, then perfect! Here's my special offer for you...
Just as my mentors did for me, I’d like to guide you on your journey.

As an added benefit of working with me...

You’ll get access to my mentor who’s been trading almost 20 years and learn the exact same theory he uses to consistently trade the markets profitably.
Together, we’ll help you avoid costly mistakes, apply this proven theory to your trades, and ultimately, profit on a consistent basis.
Here’s the catch...

Our community of profitable traders is continuing to grow, which is awesome, but we’re also human - we can only teach and mentor so many people.

We’re only looking for a select few to join us and you have to be a good fit for our community.
If you’re ready to learn our powerful system and you’re committed to your success, here’s what I need you to do right now.
Step 1: 
Fill out this brief application so I can better understand where you're at, what you're struggling with, and what your goals are.
Step 2: 
After you fill out the application, you can continue to my scheduling tool where you can pick the best time that works for you on my calendar.
Step 3: 
You’ll receive a confirmation message and email so that you can save the date.

Make sure you’re ready a few minutes before the call so we maximize our time together.
I look forward to chatting with you and hopefully, if you’re a good fit, myself and my mentor will be guiding you to success very soon!
 Dedicated To Helping You Create More Income,
~ Kenyon Salo
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P.S. - Even if we're not a good fit for each other, I promise to use our time together to give you my best advice and help set you on a path for success. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!
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